Installing your first WordPress script

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Now that we’ve created the database and added an user to it, we can actually get going and install the script (wordpress). Understanding the basics Right, first of all we will explain the basic format of a database and username, as this is confusing to a lot of newbies, it took me a while to get used to it. useraccount_databasename Your hosting account username ALWAYS comes before the databasename followed by the underscore “_” to avoid confusion you could always call the name the database [...]


Create your first Mysql database

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Installing a script (like wordpress for example) can seem a daunting task to newbies, with all those different fields you have to fill in and to which you don’t have a clue about. Don’t fret, we will guide you through the process of creating a new database and installing that script. Step 1 This much you should have already figured out by now, log into cpanel and select MySQL Databases there are other types of databases but we dont need those for now. Step 2 [...]


Where to Get Disaster Recovery Training


Disasters sadly are a fact of life, most of us manage to avoid them although this is probably more to do with circumstance than any activity on our part. In IT terms the same applies, yet with the benefit of disaster recovery training the effects can be minimized, although never completely eliminated. The probability of disaster striking at some point thru no fault of the IT manager and her team is high, be it hacker attack, or earthquake, the end result is always still the [...]