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What is Database Hosting?

Database Hosting

In this age where the success or failure of a business relies heavily not only in marketing but also in doing so with the least amount of costs and the maximum amount of benefits possible.  That renders startup companies and small companies helpless against gargantuan companies who can pay for the price of information, marketing, and everything that goes on the menu.  But now, companies that don’t have the funds for software/hardware investment can have their database requirements taken cared of without hurting their pockets [...]


What is a BLOB or Binary Large Object?


Binary Large Object, also known as a BLOB, is a compilation of binary data stored as a single unit in a database management system.  Binary Large Object (BLOB) usually refers to images, audio and other multimedia data, but sometimes, these data are in the BLOB format.  Keep in mind that the BLOB format data are not universal. The History of the Binary Large Object or BLOB Binary large object or BLOB is originally just vague chunks of data developed by Jim Starkey, who described the [...]


Database Consulting Services

Binary Code

Database and Database Management System is an integral part of any business, be it a small webstore or a big multi-national company. Without it, even the easiest tasks like keeping up with updating or monitoring transaction records would be difficult, so it is important that the businesses be conceptualized or old businesses seeking expansion to consider investing in database systems. But investing for database system and setting a certain amount to invest on it is the easy part. The next step is the most difficult. [...]