What is Database Hosting?

In this age where the success or failure of a business relies heavily not only in marketing but also in doing so with the least amount of costs and the maximum amount of benefits possible.  That renders startup companies and small companies helpless against gargantuan companies who can pay for the price of information, marketing, and everything that goes on the menu.  But now, companies that don’t have the funds for software/hardware investment can have their database requirements taken cared of without hurting their pockets so much.

Database Hosting

Database hosting is a type of hosting services offered where the particular servers used for and by the customer offer the means to run applications used mostly in website.  These are applications like MySQL and other application used in blogs, web store, web galleries, and others.

Essentially, database hosting is, in most aspects, similar to dedicated server hosting services companies use in dealing with the webhosting needs of companies.  You are allotted with this server, which you can use to manage information on your database.  The service provider will take care of the hardware part, while you do away with database-related tasks like optimizing tables, etc.  The only difference of the servers used in dedicated server webhosting and with database server though is that the latter is configured to perform intensive database applications.  This means that the server used has more storage, more memory, etc., which is a must for programs that eat up a lot of resources.

What is Database Hosting? Database Hosting

Advantages of Database Hosting


Basically, database hosting is a must for those people or corporate entities that want to do away with the costs and the hassles that come with maintaining database servers.  With prices of servers that can handle database fetching in for over a thousand dollars, exclusive of the cost of software, manpower and additional hardware, hundreds dollars worth of database hosting seems to be a much cheaper option.  Factor in the cost of manpower and human resource management, bandwidth requirement, security features, maintenance, operational costs, depreciation and other things, and you’ll see the price skyrocket.

Another advantage of outsourcing the database hosting needs to other company is the overall performance of the database you are going to use.  This is true for those people who use intensive programs like custom applications, ERP or CRM because many companies offering database-hosting services do so with more than what the small business can not afford.  These advantages could cost companies probably hundreds of thousands, if not, millions, of dollars worth of investments, something many relatively small companies could not afford.

Last, but not the least, is the advantage of specialization.  Specialization on database hosting enables you to tap people who are expert on the field.  This gives you two benefits.  One, your information and database are safe with people who know and have experience on the field, and two, you can say goodbye to training and sending people everywhere.  Albeit you might want to hire one to look over the database, the cost of having three or more people to do the jobs database management requires pales in comparison to the cost of having them outsourced to database hosts.

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