Where to Get a DBA Certification?

It’s always important to keep yourself updated. In the fast-paced world of the internet, new technologies are always being developed, and it’s a must for IT professionals to keep up.

DBA Certification

Certification programs are available online for different IT jobs. Certificates are given to individuals who pass the test, which signify that they are qualified and capable to perform the tasks and duties of database administration. Certification programs are given by well-known system softwares such as IBM, Microsoft and Oracle. These programs are optional for IT professionals and usually cost money, and the fees are for the training courses attached to the certification exam to help the examinees prepare for the test. With the time and money involved, are they really necessary for an IT professional’s career?

Where to Get a DBA Certification? dba certification

DBA Certification – Important or Not?

Database certification is a good way to test your knowledge. It will also help you identify your weaknesses and the areas that you need to improve, but it is not really a practical factor in telling if someone is capable of performing complex database administration. With the continuing changes in technology and different problems that you may encounter, there are things that can only be learned by experience.

A formalized test can be passed with just the right manuals and books. The syntax questions can be tricky, but you don’t need to memorize them as long as you have the right study tools. Syntax and its structures change all the time, so there is no reason to memorize them. The test will measure your knowledge but not exactly your skills, so the important things here are studying the concepts, fundamentals and how the database system of their organization works. There are database administrators who have notable experience but don’t have a certification. Certification programs have gotten popular only recently because of demands by companies. There are some who prefer not to spend cash on a training program they already know.

Getting a DBA Certification

Getting a DBA Certification is necessary if you want to be employable. More and more organizations are requiring IT professionals to be certified. Companies are using certification as a guide to hire employees because IT is becoming more complex due to new technologies that are constantly being developed. If you decide to take the test, you don’t have to spend money on the training program. There are self-help books that you can utilize. These books will cover test topics and sample questions to prepare you for the test. You can find information on the internet on which books to buy from IT professionals who have already taken the test

If you plan to change jobs in the future or just make sure that you will get employed, getting a certification is ideal. It will also help to keep you up to date and refresh your stock knowledge. Companies can easily favor a fresh graduate with a certification program on his resume rather than an experienced DBA, so if you want to be on top of the job market, it’s worthwhile to hit the books again and study for the test.

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