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Data Integration Software Options

Data Integration Software Option

As business becomes increasingly dependent on electronic data the demand to integrate multiplesources of data into a single application or report has driven market growth for software that can natively work with proprietary and open source data. Known as data integration, this software accesses data stored in incompatible formats to produce new data and reports.Combining data from across the corporation, some of which can be decades old, with other data contained in databases, emails, documents, spreadsheets, or applications requires specialized solutions capable of interfacing with [...]


Data Integration Solutions

Data Integration

When data is scattered across multiple databases with different file formats, most IT administrators will immediately think of data integration solutions to solve corporate data mining operations. Data integration is the process of bringing together all of the organizations data into a single view that allows new manipulations and reporting previously not available. Combinations of flat file or relational databases needing to be merged with data stored in spreadsheets, word processing files, letters or emails, and calendars never used to be possible without expending significant [...]