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What is a Database Table?

Mysql Database Table Example

Databases are normally used to store information in a tabular form. It is almost the same as the spreadsheets found in Excel, but it is only there that their similarities end. Databases can be easily manipulated and accessed, unlike Excel’s spreadsheets. You can also link your databases with other software. Databases represent a more systematic storage since all information is arranged into tables. This way, any information stored is already placed in its own storage, thus, giving you an easy access to it. Another advantage [...]


Database Architecture

Tech Working Room

Every structure needs to be built for soundness and efficiency, which is why we hire professional architects to design the building. Without an architect, the structures would be disorganized, unstable, and inefficient. This principle holds true with our databases, which are structures in their own right, structures of data. Database architecture describes exactly how data flows in a system – its storage, its groups, its qualities, and all its other aspects, and it keeps the data in such a way that retrieval will always be [...]


What are Database Models?

Database Model

Database models, also known as database schemas, shows the structure of the database or its format which is handled by the database management systems or DBMS. These schemas are stored in a dictionary of data and usually refer to the representation of data in a graphical format. Database Models A database model is also referred to as a theory of how a database is supposed to look like. There are numerous types of database models today and these are hierarchical model, network model, relational model, [...]


What is a Database Schema?

Database Schema Example

Database schema refers to the layout of the database, which shows how each data is organized into structures or tables. It is also referred to as the language used by database management systems. The schema in a relational database refers to the tables, fields and also the existing relationship between the fields and tables. Schemas are stored in a data dictionary, and although it is usually in database language, it is considered as the graphic model of a database. Simply put, it is the representation [...]