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IBM DB2 Database


DB2 or database 2 is basically related to the relational database management system (RDBMS), which is part of the databases created by the IBM group. DB2 works by developing an access to a wide variety of databases or providing an open database environment for several computing platforms. In short, the DB2 database can make a significant change in the database management system. The DB2 database can create a single-user application and transform it to a multi-user system. Moreover, the DB2 database can be run using [...]


What is a Sybase Database?

Sybase Database

When the word database is mentioned, the software called ‘Oracle’ usually comes to mind.  This is understandable, as oracle is the most popular software used for making databases.  However, if there’s a ‘first’ then that means there’s a ‘second’ and a ‘third’.  Sybase happens to be the second most popular software for databases.  Sybase Inc., the company behind the Sybase database, has been around since 1984.  They are one of the leaders in creating various database softwares and have even once been partnered with Microsoft, [...]


What is a Relational Database Management System or RDBMS?


Every webmaster knows how invaluable database system is in running and managing information in a website.  Be it a small webstore with limited traffic or a gargantuan website with multiple server location, database system is an integral part of planning and development cycle of a company. Relational Database Management System or RDBMS is one of the most famous and most widely used database management systems in the industry today.  If you know Oracle or IBM’s DB2 database management system, you are most probably aware of [...]


What is an Object Oriented Database?

3D Graphic

Working with complex information in large volumes requires more than just pen and paper. If you’re company handles information that measures well into the terabyte region, you may want to rely on a database management system that can go side-by-side with the demand of your business, both in reliability and in efficiency. If you want to have that and more, you may want to look more into the Object Database Management System. ODBMS Defined Object Database Management System is a kind of system that models [...]