What is Datamining?

Most often, users would need an important tool to maximize the use of the database, and there is a certain tool that can help maximize the transformation of data to information, and this tool is called “datamining”.  Datamining is used to extract the hidden information from the database.  Datamining is commonly used for businesses and security purposes.  This certainly applies to any type of data, and it can unravel certain hidden patterns within the database.  But make sure that the hidden patterns are present within the database.

For many years, developers have been searching for innovations that would help in discovering new information and ways that would make data collection more convenient.  Data comes in any form of text, numbers and facts.  Datamining is used to collect operational or transactional data (sales, cost, inventory and payroll), non-operational data (inventory sales) and metadata or the data itself like information from the data dictionary or the database itself.

The Features of Datamining


Datamining was designed to perform the following important functions.  Datamining is used to classify data.  Datamining designates the data according to predefined groups.  For instance, an email can be classified as a legal document or a spam.  Clustering, on the other hand, is also used to classify data, but these data are not according to predefined groups.  Data are huddled according to the similarity of each data.  Regression is also a function of datamining.

What is Datamining? Datamining

This tool functions by searching for the data with the most prominent defect.  The best example of regression is genetic programming.  Lastly, datamining functions as an association rule learning.  This function works by searching for the commonality of each data.  For instance, you can look for the association of the number of customers and the products they are purchasing.  Datamining can be useful for marketing purposes.  That is why this tool is also called the market basket analysis.

How to Use Datamining


There had been speculations that datamining was used to combat terrorism.  Since the rampant increase of terrorism incidences, the US government particularly became distinct in securing passenger identification as well as making sure that US passengers who travel to the Middle East will be appropriately screened.  Some of the datamining method includes Total information awareness and MATRIX (Multi-state Anti-Terrorism Information Exchange).  Although these programs definitely have a good cause, it was terminated because it was violating the 4th amendment of the US Constitution

Datamining is also used for combat games.  Mostly, these games include chess and dots-and-boxes.  Furthermore, datamining is used in certain business purposes.  Datamining is definitely significant when analyzing the company’s financial and human resources status.  This tool is used to identify the problems arising from sections of different employment groups.  With the use of datamining as well as data clustering, companies will be able to assess the client-product status, the transactions of the company’s product line, experiments and the prediction of potential profits or failures.  Moreover, datamining is significant to the field of medicine (multifactor dimensionality reduction), engineering, chemistry and education.

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