What is a Microsoft SQL Server Database?

Microsoft SQL Server was developed by Microsoft in the year 2005. The Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system that has two main languages – the MS-SQL and T-SQL. The T-SQL or the Transact Structured Query Language is basically a tool that users can use to manage SQL servers.

Although there are many SQL servers available in the market, Microsoft SQL server has provided the best services that money can buy, but what is the significance of Microsoft SQL Server to developers, businesses and other fields.

The Features of Microsoft SQL Server Database

The Microsoft SQL server has a protocol layer which implements the external interface of the SQL server. All the procedures done in the SQL server is transferred via the Microsoft format called the “Tabular Data Stream” or TDS. The TDS is primarily used to transfer data from the SQL server to the client.

What is a Microsoft SQL Server Database? sql server 2008

The next feature most users would definitely enjoy is the capacity of the SQL server to store data. Although the main purpose of the SQL server is to store data, you should consider these primary types of applications that most SQL serves support. These three types include the Char (character strings), VarChar (Variable Character Language), and binary as well as text. The SQL server also allows users to store as well as extract and manipulate data from databases.

SQL server also supports buffer pages in order to reduce disc I/O. Any eight-kilobyte page can be considered as the buffer, and the SQL server allows users to manage the available buffers. These buffers are stored in a buffer cache, and the cache is managed by a “buffer manager”.

Moreover, SQL server is also used for major transactions as well as for logging. SQL server will ensure that any changes made inside the database, either complete or not, will not be removed from the system. With the use of these SQL servers, transactions will be ensured safe and secured. Furthermore, the SQL server will ensure that all data are maintained with integrity.

Another important factor to consider when using the Microsoft SQL server is its ability to allow multiple users to use the same database concurrently. With the use of the Microsoft SQL server, users will have access to confidential data without jeopardizing its integrity as well as transparency. Users can utilize locks to maintain the confidentiality of their data. With the use of the lock manager, sharing of data will not be allowed unless permitted by the owner. The lock manager will be responsible for all data released to other networks.

Other Tools Used in Microsoft SQL Server Database

One of the tools that come along with the Microsoft SQL Server is the SQLCMD. This is an application that reveals the management capabilities of the Microsoft SQL server. The SQLCMD allows users to input certain procedures in the command prompt. It can also be used for scripting languages, which is an essential part of a SQL server.

The Microsoft Visual Studio is also a supporting program of the Microsoft SQL server. It is used as a data designer as well as a debug code that is executed by the SQL CLR. Moreover, the Microsoft Server Management Studio acts as object explorer and script editors to maximize the potential of the SQL server.

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