What is Database Administration and Automation?

Having your own website is common nowadays.  It gives one person the power to reach millions of people all around the world.  Databases are important in storing and managing data in your computer.  This is essential especially for those who want to publish content on the Internet and requires web applications.  Online businesses have grown rapidly in the past years, and the use of websites has been proven to be very convenient for both customers and merchants.  Like any other business, a websites needs to be maintained, so it’s very important to keep your site updated to remain ahead of the pack or in the same footing with your competitors.

Importance of Database

The World Wide Web is a fast-paced world where information is very important.  This makes databases important tools for web operators and owners.  Databases can be managed by database management systems.  These systems are equipped with software that control, organize, store, manage and retrieve data in a certain database.  They are also categorized according to their structures and are maintained by database administrators.  Database administrators are IT professionals who are responsible for the ongoing management of a database system.  The number of database administrators will depend on how large the database is.

Database Administration

Database administration and automation is basically the maintenance of database management systems.  These systems use software such as DB2, Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM that requires regular management.  Database administrators have many tasks to perform database management system maintenance.  The personnel that will be hired to do the job will depend on the degree of database automation.

What is Database Administration and Automation? Database Administration

In other cases, a system which requires minimal automation may have a lot of resources to manage, so one database administrator may be assigned with five to ten databases.  Database administrators have a host of responsibilities.  They are tasked to install, configure, upgrade, and evaluate server software and its related products.  They have to maintain and monitor standards, security, performance, applications, and documentation.  They have to establish backup and plan for changes and growth.  Apart from managing the database itself, they also have to coordinate with other teams to provide support, consultation and trouble shooting.  Database administration is provided by a company or a firm which assigns a team to coordinate with each other and do their jobs.

Database Automation

Database administration can be repetitive, complicated and time consuming.  Fortunately, automation solves the problem.  This does not reduce the roles of database administrators though but only enable them to focus on other important tasks.  New technologies increase the automation to reduce mundane and repetitive tasks, so database administrators are able to focus more on proactive activities.  They use native tools that come with database management system software.  All database software has corresponding tools that database administrators can use to perform their tasks.  There are also other softwares developed to manage new and existing databases along with their related products and resources.

What is Database Administration and Automation? data base automation

Like any other business, databases are also needed to be managed and maintained by highly-skilled personnel and staff who are able to solve technical problem.  However, technology continues to advance and progress, so, in time, database administration will be simpler and more efficient in the future.

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