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What is a Disaster Recovery Data Center

Disaster Recovery Data Center

As corporate dependence on IT solutions continues to grow in the early 21st century, demand for reliable, cost effective disaster recovery data centers is expected to be one of the major growth markets for server and networking suppliers in their search for business continuity solutions in the event of unforeseen disaster striking. Disaster recovery has taken on more urgency with the growth of computer use within global corporations, and uptake in developing nations. Recent tragedies such as 9/11, North-Eastern  power blackouts, or the Asian tsunami [...]


What is Datawarehouse?

data Warehouse

Datawarehouse is primarily the depository of electronically stored data.  This tool is essential to aid in reporting as well as in analyzing.  Although, datawarehouse is focused on data storage, this is also used to extract and analyze data, transform, load and manipulate the data in the database or data dictionary.  Thus, datawarehouse is also defined as a repository of data, business intelligence tools and tools to manage or manipulate the metadata.  Datawarehouse is constantly being performed in a day-to-day basis.  With the use of the [...]


Importance of Database Backup

Database Backup

When you talk about databases, you usually conjure up this image in your head of thousands upon thousands of data that are neatly arranged in such a way that you can easily access them whenever the need arises. However, databases can also mean that you have a whole mixture of chaotic files all haphazardly placed together just so you can say that they are all in one place, never mind if you can’t access them most of the time or that they are not as [...]