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What is a Microsoft Access Database?

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Microsoft Office Access, also formerly known as Microsoft Access, is the newest addition to the software management tools provided by the Microsoft System last 2007. Microsoft Office Access is a combination of the Microsoft database engine system with software development tools as well as graphical user interface. Microsoft Office Access presents many productive tools to help software developers and architects build new and simple applications. History of Microsoft Office Access The first Microsoft Access was developed in November 1992, while the second version (version 1.1) [...]


What is an Online Database?

Online Database

Online database is a compilation of information such as pertinent articles, graphics, books and multimedia that can readily be searched when looking for information.  Most of these online databases are used in libraries and other institutions.  This is significant to those people who are doing researches and other educational activities. All about Online Database   Online database is the database you can access via the World Wide Web.  It is definitely different from the typical database you would often access from your personal computer.  Online [...]


What is a XML Database?


XML, which is short for Extensible Markup Language, is a kind of software that helps systems which share information across different sources, such as through the internet.  Not only that, XML also helps with encoding as well as serializing data. XML database, on the other hand, refers to a kind of software that allows or still retains the first version of any information and stores it even though there is already a new version of the information or even though it is already modified.  This [...]