What is a Relational Database?

Majority of our population do not have much knowledge about computer and computer-related topics, but since the world is now going through a dramatic change because of technological updates, it is important that we become inclined to learn more about the concepts of information technology, and one of the most significant parts of information technology is the concept of database.  This concept is widely used nowadays, especially in the field of business and education, but what is database and its significance to society?

What is a Database?


Whenever we talk about database, we often associate it with the compilation of data placed in a filing cabinet, and the idea of a database works in that simple way wherein a compilation of data is placed into a computer system.

To achieve the structure of a database, it would require a database model.  The most commonly used database model is the relational model.  A relational model essentially makes database management independent from other particulars.  It was developed by E.F. Codd, and the concept of the relational model was from the idea of the predicative logic as well as the set theory.

What is a Relational Database? Relational Database

In using the relational model, you must remember to use these 3 major terms – the relations, the attributes and the domain.  The term relation refers to the table with rows and columns.  The labeled columns are called the attributes, while the term domain refers to the set of values permitted by the attributes.  That’s why whenever you’re using the relational model, you’ll be dealing with sets of tables and their relationship with each other.  For instance, you’re compiling the pertinent data of your employees.  You can develop a table with the names of your employees, and inside the table is the data on their location.  By doing such, you have created a relationship between your employee and their location.

Other models used for database is the hierarchy model and the network model.  The hierarchy model is the compilation of data in a tree-like manner.  The data are under a certain category, and they are arranged according to significance.  On the other hand, the network model is a more flexible way of representing data.

Uses of Your Database


The database is widely used and is significant in making our busy lives a whole lot easier.  Database is integrated in a wide variety of computer software, and it is commonly used by most companies precisely for the purpose of storing multi-user applications.  With the use of your database, you can have access to other users and develop effective coordination with them.

Database is also needed by ordinary people who use the computer on a daily basis.  Many people prefer this because of its sheer convenience.  People can generally use the database system on their everyday electronic mail as well as their organizers.  Computer companies also use the concept of the database to create a more efficient organization of their significant data.

Moreover, database can also be used to teach students and provide ample information for educational purposes.  Today, database is incorporated in most software drivers so that users can conveniently retrieve and manipulate certain information.

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