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What is a Database Transaction?

Database Transaction

When we are talking about database transaction, we are referring to a work or operation done within a management system of a database against another database using an understandable and reliable approach. This operation is done on its own without relying on another program. The transactions done in a database has two uses. First, the unit of work provided by the transaction produces accurate recovery of data whenever a failure occurs. It also keeps the information within the database accurate during the failure of the [...]


What is a Transactional Database?

Database Transaction

Whenever a user stores or manages data in the database, the user is making a “database transaction”.  The database transaction refers to the work done within a database management system or less likely against a database.  The transaction in the database works independently with other transactions, so users can ensure that all data are coherent, accessible and secure. The significance of making transactions with a database is to provide a more cohesive and coherent transferring of data as well as keeping the data secure from [...]