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What is a MySQL Database?

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MySQL is one of the well-known relational database systems. It is owned by a Swedish company called MySQL AB, which became a subsidiary of Sun Microsystems in 2008, recently acquired by Oracle. It is widely used in web applications and also acts as a database component. It is commonly used for open source bug tracking tools such as Bugzilla. MySQL became well known due to the popularity of PHP and Ruby on Rails, which were often combined with it. High-traffic websites such as Google, YouTube, [...]


Create your first Mysql database

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Installing a script (like wordpress for example) can seem a daunting task to newbies, with all those different fields you have to fill in and to which you don’t have a clue about. Don’t fret, we will guide you through the process of creating a new database and installing that script. Step 1 This much you should have already figured out by now, log into cpanel and select MySQL Databases there are other types of databases but we dont need those for now. Step 2 [...]